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Tissue Culture

Whether for small scale in-house propagation, or commercial scale production, Dr. Hope Jones can help you design and implement a successful tissue culture program.  Dr. Jones works to ensure that clients have the necessary facilities and expertise to operate completely self-sufficiently, without reliance on outside (often overpriced) management and/or premixed consumables.  

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Are you interested in improving yields? Reducing energy, labor, and fertilizer costs?  Eliminating synthetic pesticide use?  Automating fertigation and environmental control? Optimizing cultural management practices?  Dr. Chris Pagliarulo can help you quickly identify practices, protocols, and/or infrastructure that, with minimal investment, will yield substantial improvement to yield, quality, and the bottomline.


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Initial one hour consultations are always free.  We like helping people find solutions and get results.  If your problem isn't quite in our wheelhouse, we probably know someone who can help (we've been around) and we'll be happy to connect you.

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About Us

Hope Jones, PhD
Chris Pagliarulo, Phd

Dr. Hope Jones is Chief Executive Officer of ECS. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) where she worked to propagate endangered native species using tissue culture techniques. As a NASA scientist, Dr. Jones developed technologies and protocols to grow crops for deep space missions. Dr. Jones current work focuses on optimizing micropropagation protocols and facilities for the cannabis industry. 

Dr. Chris Pagliarulo is R&D Director of ECS.  Dr. Pagliarulo also graduated from CEAC, working for several years on greenhouse and aeroponic technologies for the production of high value medicinal crops. Dr. Pagliarulo's current work focuses on adopting commercial horticultural best practices and technologies for the cannabis industry.